Exposure & Symptoms To Asbestos

Asbestos Compensation claim form.

Asbestos cancer, like mesothelioma can follow exposure to asbestos. Asbestosis, asbestos lung cancer and other asbestos disease can sometimes appear many years after exposure. If you or a loved one has had asbestos exposure, get tested, get help, and contact us.

Who is at Risk?

It's no surprise that most manual workers were exposed to Asbestos without any protection or prior knowledge of the dangers. So who is susceptible to Asbestos related diseases?

If you have ever worked in the professions listed above, or similar, related professions and have come into contact with asbestos, contact us.

What are the Symptoms?

The most common symptoms of asbestos exposure are:

Unfortunately, the detectable symptoms of asbestos exposure can often appear as early as 15 years after exposure, and then reappear at any time during one's life. This scenario, therefore, makes it difficult to associate asbestos exposure with its symptoms. Annual or even semi-annual asbestos detection tests are recommended for anyone with occupational or familial asbestos exposure.

What Shall I Do?

If you are concerned over the risk of Asbestos exposure, the first thing to do is see your GP, although they may find it difficult to link your symptoms to Asbestos.

Making A Claim

If you are diagnosed as suffering from an Asbestos related disease, our role will be to provide you with direct access to our expert Asbestos medical experts and then highly specialised compensation lawyers, trained to litigate at a multi-national level, who will represent you on a free of charge basis. They receive their costs separately when you win your compensation. If you lose a case, they walk away making a loss and you still pay nothing. Contact us now and start the process.